7 Rules Of Weight Loss

August 28, 2012 § 10 Comments

Starting the process to lose weight in 2 weeks is an challenging undertaking but it is manageable! Weight loss is determined by 7 elementary rules that are important to finding a fit and healthy way of living . With the appropriate foundation you are capable of looking better and feeling better and increase your ability to lose weight in 2 weeks.

Eat a Low Fat and High-Carbohydrate Diet. 
Most of the time when people think of carbohydrates or “carbs” they commonly think of pastas and breads, however, complex carbohydrates is found in many varieties such as beans and fresh vegetables. Increasing your intake of complex carbohydrates consisting of veggies (approx 50% to 60% of your daily uptake of calories) will ensure that your daily allowance of fats are low.

Exercise Daily. 
exercise is the key to accomplishing and maintaining your weight loss.
exercising between an hr and an hour and a half a day is recommended for people looking to lose weight. It may sound like much but even walking for 2 thirty minute sessions totaling an 60 minutes is better for you than not elaboration in the least.
When you are just starting out, begin at a moderate pace and work your way up to elaboration for a full hour. Going too fast in the beginning can lead to injuries and injuries can lead to discouragement .

60 to 90 minutes of exercise a day may seem like a lot to many folks , but if losing weight is worth it to you , meaning finally feeling better about yourself and being healthy, then an hour is nothing.

Eat Breakfast. 
Although it is crucial to keep your calories down within the 1,400 to 1,600 calorie per day range, it is also very necessary that you start your day with a healthy breakfast.
Starting your day with breakfast will ignite your metabolism right from the start of your day and also stop overeating subsequently in the day. A win-win.

Keep Track of Your Weight Loss. 
As you start your weight loss program it is important to reach certain goals in order to stay motivated. Most weight loss programs will be dependent on you to start exercising, and when you do so your weight will go up and down with water weight and muscle gain. Because of this fluctuation, there is a possibility you will become disappointed. This is why I urge only weighing yourself once per week and jotting it down .
Doing this will give you a better picture of your actual weight loss and keep you feeling accomplished .

Schedule Exercise. 
It’s easy to say “I’m going to the gym today”, but sometimes it’s difficult to actually accomplish your goal . Scheduling the precise part of your day that you’ll be at the gym and leaving the gym are an significant part of goal-setting and following your weight loss plan. Packing your gym clothes and putting your gym bag in your car will help you avoid any hesitation in your plan. Its easier to head directly to the gym after work, then it is to go home, get your clothes , relax for a second and then go to the gym. Use the energy of your day to carry you to the gym.

Plan Meals. 
When you get hunger pangs , do you know what you are going to eat to subside your urges? Outlining your meals may be aoutstanding way to check those powerful urges for food for junk food or mid-day empty calorie snacks . A bag of oranges , or a pre-made sandwich that you brought to work can go a long way in prevailing in the weight loss struggle. Sticking with a meal plan can be a simple way to get a higher rate of success .

Stay Optimistic. 
Get rid of those self-defeating ideas and invalid minds sets that would only hold you back. They have the ability to keep you from achieving your destination. Negativity and incertitude are your adversary and maintaining a confident outlook will be your friend.

Weight loss can be difficult and it may appear like an uphill battle initially , but like anything worth doing, it takes time . Knowing and persisting with these 7 key fundamentals will help you lose weight faster and get you to where you want to be quicker , and help you continue with a healthy lifestyle longer. Feeling healthier and looking better doesn’t have to be so difficult .

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